Keeping merchandise for sale in place and well organized on gondola shelving can be a challenge, especially when you have various sized product packages and bottles to display.  Fortunately, for grocery stores, drug stores, dollar stores, pet stores and all other retail environments that use metal gondola shelves, there are many gondola accessories available that offer great solutions for shelf management.EZ CLEAR UNIVERSAL GONDOLA SHELF DIVIDER SYSTEM

At Discount Shelving and Displays we are pleased to offer a unique shelf management system that fits any brand of gondola shelving.  Our EZ Clear Universal Shelf Divider System are easy to install and fit into any hole in the gondola shelf, whether your shelves have circular, diamond or square holes.  Our unique pin configuration is designed to fit all gondola shelves in the marketplace today including Madix, Lozier, Handy and Streater.  Made of durable plastic,  you can  easily break off the back EZ Clear Divider in 2″ increments to adjust to the correct depth of your shelves. We offer these dividers in 2 size options: 16 inches deep and 5/8 inches high, or 24 inches deep and 15/16 inches high.

Use our EZ Clear Universal Shelf Divider System to  keep your products aligned and maximize gondola shelf space for optimal merchandising.  For more information on our EZ Clear Universal Gondola Shelf Dividers visit: www.discountshelving.com.



Discount Shelving & Displays Customer Spotlight: SALPINO III DELI

Discount Shelving & Displays Customer Spotlight:


“Close your eyes and you’re eating in Italy!” is a favorite saying at Salpino’s III Deli. Salpino’s is the go to Italian deli for its variety of delicious deli, fresh meats, imported cheeses, homemade salads and prepared foods.

Recently, when Salpino decided to open a brand new store and renovate one of its flagship locations, the deli chose Discount Shelving & Displays as its supplier for store shelving.

We recommended Black Gondola Shelving, because this color shelving is not only economical, but it makes your products stand out more. We also paired it with finished wood melamine end panels to give it a warmer feel, perfect for creating an “old world” Italian atmosphere.

Click here to visit our Facebook page and view more photo’s of this beautiful Italian deli!

If you’re looking to open or renovate one of your stores, contact us for our expert advice and breathe life into your store today!

Black Gondola Shelving with Wood Melamine End Caps can give your products and "old world" feel, with new world functionality and help your products look great and stand out!

Black Gondola Shelving with Wood Melamine End Caps can give your products and “old world” feel, with new world functionality and help your products look great and stand out!

Product Spotlight: Chainlinx Display Systems


For an eye-catching display with an urban contemporary flair check out our Chainlinx Display Systems.

Perfect for showing off merchandise including sportswear and active wear, Chainlinx Displays offer great functionality similar to gridwall displays or slatwall while giving your store a very unique and edgy vibe. 

Click here to view our selection and breath life into your store today!

Smoke Shop & Vapor Store Acrylic Displays

Consumer demand for e-cigarettes and vapor products are on the rise. In fact, research by Wells Fargo Securities estimates the size of the retail e-vapor market at $2.2 billion with annual growth estimated to be approximately 15%. If you have a convenience store, smoke shop or vapor store, you’ll want to take advantage of this hot growth segment by using the right display solutions for your e-cigarette, e-liquid and vapor supplies.

Acrylic Vapor Store Displays

Acrylic Vapor Store Displays Available at www.discountshelving.com


Vapor Supply Stores use unique acrylic displays to showcase their e-cigarettes, e-liquid bottles and vapor pens and other e-vapor supplies for sale. At Discount Shelving & Displays we offer a wide variety of Acrylic Vapor Store Displays for sale*. Our acrylic vapor displays come in many different style holders from multi-slot, multi-tiered, single-slot and curved display stands as well as multi-compartment style acrylic displays. Place acrylic e-cigarette, e-vapor displays on your counter top or display cases to create attractive displays to help maximize your sales.  These acrylic displays for e-cigarette and e-vapor products help you keep your products well organized and secure.  You can easily change your displays to showcase different e-cigarette, e-liquid bottles, mods and tanks for sale.

Also, if you have slatwall, there are acrylic displays made specifically for use on slat panels that are ideal for merchandising your e-cigarette, e-liquid bottles and other vapor supplies.  You can shop for Acrylic Displays for Vapor Stores at www.discountshelving.com.


*Disclaimer:  Discount Shelving, Inc. does not manufacture, produce, sell or promote the use of tobacco, e-cigarette or vapor products of any kind. Our acrylic products are used exclusively for display purposes only.

Swimming Pool Store Shelving & Displays Ideas

Need Shelving & Display Ideas for Your Swimming Pool Store?  Here are some tips:

Swimming Pool Stores use Metal Gondola Shelving because of its durability and versatility. Our Metal Gondola Shelves are made of heavy duty steel with each Gondola Shelf capable of holding heavy loads (up to 500 pounds of general merchandise) such as swimming pool chemicals, chlorine tablets, pool shock, pool water balancers, pool algaecides, pool clarifiers and more.  In addition to displaying swimming pool and spa chemicals, our gondola shelving is perfect for displaying pool equipment and other pool accessories.

A huge benefit that Metal Gondola Shelving provides is that it creates an effective traffic flow management system throughout the store that makes use of the entire retail space, and can help maximize sales. One can achieve this by placing the more common items such as: BioGuard®, Aqua Chem®, Pool Time® and other pool chemicals near the end of the shelving unit. Using this method of swimming pool store organization, your customers can be exposed to all of the other swimming pool accessories that they may need, before finding the ones that they came in for.

Along the perimeter walls of Swimming Pool Stores, many stores use slatwall panels to display a variety of swimming pool and spa equipment accessories including pool skimmers, pool vacuum hoses, pool tile displays, and many other products. Slatwall panels provide a similar benefit to peg backing displays, but in a much more visually appealing manner. You can still display oddly shaped items or shelves, but you also can use it to brand your store while maximizing the retail space in your swimming pool store.

At Discount Shelving & Displays, we have been helping Swimming Pool Stores with affordable, high quality store fixtures including metal gondola shelving, retail displays, store supplies, and many other store fixtures since 1995.

For more ideas check out our Shop By Store Swimming Pool Store Shelving Facts & Tips Page at:  www.discountshelving.com 

Counter Top Showcases

Counter top showcases are ideal for retail stores that need a way to securely display small merchandise such as collectibles, jewelry, watches, fashion accessories, or any other fragile or expensive products.

Retail Stores such as gift shops, jewelry stores, clothing stores and boutiques, bridal shops museum stores, antique shops, collectibles stores, hobby shops, and even bakeries can use counter top showcases to take advantage of available store counter top space and create effective merchandise displays.

Counter top showcases are great for calling attention to merchandise such as sale and seasonal items as well as products or stock that you want to move.  By featuring items at store counter level in a counter top showcase, you increase the likelihood of getting more attention than when shown within a larger showcase.

Value Line Countertop Show CasesCounter Top Glass Showcases

Counter Top Glass CasesAt www.discountshelving.com, we offer attractive and economical counter top glass showcase options. Our Value Line Countertop Showcases feature three styles to choose from, each featuring an anodized aluminum frame in silver finish, tempered glass and lock

Our Counter Top Small Glass Case and Counter Top Large Glass Case  can be used to display  a variety of products including collectibles, jewelry, small liquor bottles and etc.  The Counter Top Large Glass Case can also be used as a bakery display case.

The Counter Top Lighted Square Showcase square showcase display is made of tempered glass with black metal frame. It has a black laminate base. It comes with a plug in light and three adjustable glass shelves.

Acrylic Countertop Displays

CTSC1106In addition to our counter top glass showcases, we offer acrylic counter top displays Our Acrylic Accessory Display Case revolves and features 4 slanted shelves and includes a lock.  This countertop showcase is great for displaying jewelry and other small items.

ZGLBDT3XSSOur Line of Pastry Cases are perfect for bakeries, grocery stores, convenience stores, delis and etc. for displaying baked goods for sale on the counter top.

If your retail store counter top space is limited, consider using a tiered acrylic compartment display.  These acrylic counter top displays come in different styles and can be used to organize and display wallets, accessories, jewelry, and other small merchandise.

Visit www.discountshelving.com  or call 1-888-957-4353 for more information on Counter Top Showcases and other retail fixture and display solutions.

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Retail Store Shopping Baskets and Shopping Carts

Improving your in-store experience is a surefire way to keep your customers happy and interested in spending more time shopping and purchasing. Create a shopper friendly atmosphere and encourage more sales simply by providing your customers with a shopping basket or a shopping cart. Both offer customers a convenient way to carry merchandise throughout your store and to check-out.  They also give your shoppers the ability to select more merchandise as they move through your store aisles. In retail, shopping baskets and shopping carts have been proven to help increase impulse sales.  In fact, a customer with a shopping cart will buy an average of 7.2 items compared with only 6.1 items purchased by a customer without a shopping cart. For bulk products, those sales can be double what a customer would normally purchase without a shopping cart (Source: America’s Research Group).

Shopping Baskets

Shopping Baskets are typically made of plastic or metal and range in size and capacity.  They are durable, break-resistant and don’t take up a lot of store space.  Plastic shopping baskets and metal shopping baskets are stackable.  A simple metal stand which usually comes with a sign topper is used to keep these shopping baskets organized and secure when not in use.

At www.discountshelving.com we offer a plastic tote basket set that holds up to 5 gallons or 50 pounds each, as well as a plastic jumbo shopping basket set that holds up to 7 gallons or 100 pounds of merchandise each.  For a modern look, our attractive wire mesh 12 basket shopping basket set is made of sturdy powder coated metal and comes in a choice of silver, black, red or blue colors.

Shopping Baskets are the most popular choices among retailers such as grocery stores, drug stores, dollar stores, convenience stores, home goods stores, retail chains, beauty supply stores, pet stores, book stores and more.

One of the newest options in shopping baskets is a hybrid of a shopping cart and traditional plastic shopping basket.  This easy pull plastic rolling shopping basket features an elongated handle and wheels.  These rolling shopping baskets make it even easier for your customers to shop freeing their hands to add merchandise.  Made of reinforced plastic, this rolling plastic shopping basket features a narrow design perfect for moving around smaller store aisles.

Shopping Carts

Retail store shopping carts also come in a variety of  styles, sizes and finishes. The most popular shopping cart is made of heavy duty steel and is designed to “nest” into each other for storage.  When purchasing shopping carts, choose the right size shopping cart to suit the size and aisle widths of store in addition to the type of merchandise you sell.  If you offer bulkier items consider a larger or wider shopping cart.  At www.discountshelving.com we offer a small shopping cartmedium shopping cart and a large shopping cart options.  If you have narrow store aisles consider a mini shopping cart  style. The mini shopping cart is more compact, and narrower than the traditional grocery shopping cart.  It is also lighter weight, making pushing this mini shopping cart around your store easier, especially for elderly shoppers. They’re a great option for smaller grocery stores and retailers that carry smaller merchandise such as dollar stores, pharmacies and beauty supply stores.

If you’re looking to increase sales and improve the shopping experience in your store consider adding Shopping Baskets or Shopping Carts.  They’re proven retail tools that make life easier for your customers and also encourage more sales.  Visit: www.discountshelving.com to find the perfect shopping basket or shopping cart for your store.

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Plastic Bullnose Shelving

As you put together your retail merchandise displays, it’s important to balance creativity with practicality. Plastic Bullnose Shelves are a great store display solution that accomplishes both goals. Retail Bullnose Shelves allow you to achieve a high-end look in your store without the expense of custom shelving.Add New

Plastic Bullnose Shelves are made of injection molded plastic. These store shelves are durable, lightweight and feature a rounded front edge, (also known as radial edge, radius edge or bullnose edge), creating a contemporary and clean looking store display.

Bullnose display shelves come in different color options including black, white and simulated wood grains such as the Maple Bullnose Shelf sold at www.discountshelving.com. One of the best things about Plastic Bullnose Shelving is that the color is infused throughout the shelf so the color doesn’t fade. The plastic material also will not chip or fade.

The Versatility of Plastic Bullnose Shelves


Plastic Bullnose Shelves are versatile, as they can be used with GridwallSlatwall and Slotted Standard displays. These plastic bullnose shelves typically come in 13” deep or 15” deep options in 24” or 48” lengths.

Set up is fast and easy. Any store employee can quickly set up these lightweight shelves. No tools, glues or  heavy lifting required! Plastic Bullnose Shelves are also popular shelving display options if you are exhibiting at trade shows or selling at street fairs. Changing up your Plastic Bullnose Shelving displays for new merchandise, or just freshening up your look is simple – just rearrange your Plastic Bullnose Shelves as needed!

When you want beautiful form and reliable function consider using Plastic Bullnose Shelving to create the perfect retail display for your store.

Visit www.discountshelving.com or call 1-888-957-4353 for more information on Plastic Bullnose Shelving , and other retail fixture and display solutions.

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Clear Acrylic Sign Holders

Retail Signage is highly effective for attracting consumers’ attention to sales and products. In addition to being one of the most basic ways to advertise your products for sale, retail signage also acts as an extra sales person in a store.  Well placed signs helps catch buyer’s eyes and directs shoppers to items for sale.

 When displaying store signs in clear acrylic sign holders some tips to remember:

  • Create a department store style look using your computer or pre-printed sign card stock to create professional signs for display into clear acrylic sign holders.
  • For an upscale look, consider using elegant retail sale cards such as green and gold lettered “Special” retail sale cards. At DiscountShelving.com we offer these in packs of 100 each.
  • Use bright colored signs in red, yellow, or orange to promote price points such as percentage off discounts and clearance items.
  • For retail policy signs stating refunds, exchanges, etc., consider using tastefully colored signs such as pre-printed black and gold lettered signs.  Place policy signs in countertop sign holders at your cash register areas to make customers aware of your store policies.
  • Displaying photos or images showing how your products are used has been shown to be highly effective in grabbing consumers’ attention and boosting sales. (In-Store Marketing/ P-O-P Times).

There are many great in-store signage solutions including clear acrylic sign holders which are very versatile and cost-effective. These sign holders are made of clear plastic, injection molded, acrylic and or styrene that give you a glasslike affect however, are lighter than glass, are more durable and cost less than glass sign holders.

You can place clear acrylic sign holders on store countertops, glass showcases, store display tablesglass cube displays as well as store shelving. There are also clear acrylic sign holders specially designed to be hung on slatwallgridwall as well as sign holders that can be wall mounted.

When buying clear acrylic sign holders choose the right size to fit the signage you want to display.  These sign holders come in horizontal and vertical versions in top loading, bottom loading and slanted options.  At www.DiscountShelving.com we offer clear acrylic sign holders in the most common card stock/ photo dimensions:  3.5”x5”, 5.5”x7” and 8-1/2” x 11”.

Finally, also consider complimentary products such as: acrylic literature holdersacrylic brochure holders, acrylic pamphlet holders and acrylic business card holders. Just like acrylic sign holders, these products are available in a wide variety of sizes and loading options.  There are also countertop acrylic literature displayscountertop acrylic pamphlet holdersgridwall acrylic brochure holdersgridwall acrylic pamphlet holdersslatwall acrylic literature holdersslatwall pamphlet holdersslatwall acrylic business card holders and wall mounted displays.

Visit www.discountshelving.com or call 1-888-957-4353 for more information on Acrylic Sign Holders, and other retail fixture and display solutions.

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Q. I see a variety of different clothing racks on your website. Which would be ideal for a boutique?

That depends on what kind of store you are looking to set up.  We have three styles: Old World SeriesPearl Series, and Majestic Series. All three of these lines are attractive, functional, and affordable.

Our Old World Series gives a classic look to your store. This line features a hand brushed copper finish with S shaped accents at the bottom of each rack.

Our Pearl Series is great for a boutique geared towards children and young adults. The pearl finish gives off a translucent glow, drawing your customers to the garments you are displaying.

The Majestic Line is for upscale boutiques. If you are interested in a fresh, contemporary and more feminine look in merchandise displays, you will appreciate the majestic line.

Shelving Slatwall Gondola and Showcases for a new store opening

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